Methods of Working

Temmel, Seywald & Partner provide comprehensive cross-media communications solutions for companies, non-profit organisations and public institutions. Consultation services range from an analysis of the status quo and the development of a strategic focus, or from the conception and planning to the implementation and evaluation of appropriate communications measures and campaigns.

Our work together normally begins with a moderated workshop, during which previous activities, goals, circumstances and competition are analysed. Based on this analysis we develop appropriate communications stragegies, strategic communications concepts and measures not only for services, products and companies, but also for specific tasks.

A communications concept is the foundation of our work. It is based on the principles of integrated communications and illustrates the recommended strategy, measures, and expected results. In order to ensure that the success is not too short-lived, we plan ahead and therefore take possible effects of changes in the economic and social surroundings of your company into consideration.

We always determine our activities according to the task and target group. Proven communications and marketing instruments, an experienced team and the right mixture of creativity and know-how form the basis. The empirically attestable performance measurement will show you at the end how effective your communications program was and which messages were in fact perceived.

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