How to join our team

Temmel, Seywald & Co. comprises of several establishments and a network of international partner companies. The pathway into the organisation provides employees with differing perspectives on consultation within the areas of communication, media and news. It is also a step into the communication branches of international companies and institutions.

We offer our consultants, journalists and technicians numerous opportunities to develop themselves further on both personal and professional levels. Alongside this we provide them with the chance to gain experience at other locations. Employees of the Vienna office have, for instance, also spent time in our Zurich, Munich, and Berlin divisions.

As a rule our co-workers bring with them excellent qualifications from areas such as economics, engineering, and communication and have additional accomplishments like PR or journalism training at their disposal. Fluency in business English, Italian or French is a must. Besides practical experience, we also place great importance on personality and look for intellectual curiosity, assertiveness, teamwork skills and competence in our employees.

We continue to offer job opportunities in the following areas:

  • PR and communication consulting
  • PR assistance and secretarial service
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Editorial posts
  • Work experience and voluntary work

Please submit all applications with an articulate CV including photo and an overview of you professional career to date.

Email: temmel(at)

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