Corporate Communications

In the information age successful entrepreneurial dealing does not just depend upon how you operate on the market, but it increasingly depends upon a correct appearance in the surroudings of the company. Image and communications of a company have become central factors for economic success. Internal and external dialogue groups demand open and honest information. In order to secure the image of a company or of a brand long term, a constant dialogue with its surroundings is necessary.

Corporate Identity & Corporate Design

Wir support our customers in the development of their own corporate vision and the formulation of the central goals and messages in memorable words. Together with select designers we will create an unmistakable and credible appearance which meets today's modern requirements.

Internal Communications

We develop strategies and programs for efficient internal communications. Our PR consultants will advise you how to impart complex correlations within your organisation and how to enhance the commitment of the management and employees in order to increase the success of the company as a whole. The agency will also support you with necessary communications in order to implement changes within the organization.

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