Public Relations

Our PR consultation covers a broad field of communications channels in order to get the public and/or an individual dialogue group interested in a topic, a company, services or products. The palette ranges from the right wording to the correct presentation of the message in brochures, on-line presentations or press conferences, from professional media training to the correct press release including an impressive photo. The focus is on building trust!

Press Work

We will consult and train you in how to handle journalists and the media professionally, we will support you in establishing and maintaining press contacts, texting press releases and organizing press conferences, press meetings or press trips. For all activities media observation and/or documentation will be carried out.


We have specialized know-how in the IT field, which is combined with many years of experience in e-Commerce. As an on-line pioneer we strongly encourage the integration of new media in the complete communications mix. For the development of multimedia solutions we will work together closely with your computing managers. The agency's own Internet division creates, programs, and evaluates homepages based on the latest PR standards.


We provide a well-balanced communications mix, which provides products and services with an optimal presence on the business market as well as on the opinion marketplace. By tailoring the news message of a product to the target group and formulating the press text, advertisement or media partnership according to journalistic criteria, an appropriate echo is guaranteed. Via unusual PR campaigns we are able time and again to liberate products from their classical surroundings and present them within the framework of a new context.

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